2017 SPRING sale




$76,000 plus tax (CAD)


$71,000 plus tax (CAD)


We have a hand crafted 32' by 32' Douglas Fir log home shell that is under construction and will be completed by April 24th 2017.  It can be a single floor home like our Trapper model or it can have a half loft like the Alpine model - The choice is yours! 


The home comes with premium P gasket between all of the logs and in all notches.  All through bolt holes are drilled as well as electrical holes.  All window and door openings are ready for window and door installation.  We apply the Sansin Foundation onto the logs in our shop.  This protects the logs while they are transported and set up.  It is also the first coat of three that will need to be applied.


 Our spring sale price is $71,000.00 plus tax (CAD) for the Trappers model or $76,000.00 plus tax (CAD) for the Alpine model.  (Shipping and setup are not included in this cost.) 


Contact us with any questions.