We have the Alpine model log shell set up in our yard and ready to ship!  It is approximately 1000 sq ft on the main floor and can have a 500 sq ft loft.  It is built out of Premium Douglas fir logs from BC’s interior. 


Here is what is included in this log shell package;

-The Douglas fir log shell, including log post and beam dormers as well as a log ridge beam cut to a 10:12 pitch.

-One coat of Sansin Classic Foundation has been applied to the log shell.  This will protect the logs for six months.

-All through bolt holes have been drilled in the logs – all through bolt assemblies are included.

-All electrical mortises have been cut and all electrical holes have been drilled throughout.

-Premium “P” gasket has been installed between all of the lateral grooves and notches.  We also use sheep’s wool insulation where needed.

-All window and door openings are cut and ready for windows and doors to be installed.

-We include a log home construction book which really helps the other trades understand how to properly work on a log home.

Our Regular price for this log Shell package is $76,000.00.  plus GST. 

We have dropped the price to $69,000.00 plus GST.

Because we do not know where this home is going we cannot give a fixed price for what setup and transportation costs would be.  So we have not included transportation or setup in this price.  Please contact Travis and he would be more than happy to get you an estimate.